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There are Owners Manuals for several years.

Also there are manuals for the Knott brakes and drawbar, Winterhoff hitch, Dometic fridges and transformers, Truma fires, water heaters & Combi units, Thetford cassettes, Powrtouch Heavy Duty/Classic motor movers.

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2014 Meets

Here are links to the 2014 Meets/Rallies that are envisaged/planned

Easter Weekend mini rally Lanarkshire

Easter Weekend north of the border

Late August Dordogne France

19-21st Sept - Angouleme France

If you are planning a meet set up a topic here with the where and when, send an email to Meets, we'll get it pinned and add it to this list.

Below are the Meets that have already taken place:

Valentines Meet

The Hollies, Little Budworth, Cheshire 21st/22nd March 2014

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Dometic Rope Lights - Fire Risk

Posted by wasntbtf (Admin) at 21 Apr 2014, 11:08 AM. 0 comments

Dometic Rope Lights - Fire Risk - Update 21 April 2014

It has been confirmed by Dometic in Germany that at least one of the sets of rope lights from a 2006 'van has this fault. This pushes the start date of this problem back 2 years from the 1/1/2008 date Dometic were previously quoting. A fault report on another 2006 'van has been referred to Dometic Germany by Dometic UK.

Equally worrying, Dometic have apparently admitted that the 2010 695 VIP should have been recalled but hadn't been.

With the help of several members on our forum we have identified that there are at least two possible places to look for rope lights; one is above the windows under the pelmet round the seating area and the other is above the cupboards behind a translucent plastic cover, there may be two rope lights here, one above the seating area and one above the kitchen. N.B. Getting at the ceiling level lights may not be that easy as the translucent cover is apparently glued in place and it is possible to remove it but you may well have to re-glue it afterwards. Does anybody have any first hand knowledge of this and/or is able to supply photos?

It appears that the rope lights under the pelmet were introduced in the period 2003 - 2006 and above the cupboard in the period 2007 - 2009. Not sure whether that applies to all models and trim levels.

We can't be more specific as Dometic/Hobby have refused to respond to requests for information on how to identify 'vans at risk. Up until now owners have had to rely on asking whether a specific Vehicle Identification Number is on the recall list or not. The answers to those enquiries cannot be relied on, I was told by Dometic UK in November last year my 'van was not affected.

Fortunately with the feedback from people on our forum we are now better placed to identify 'vans at risk. If anybody has more information or can provide photos we would all be grateful.

Everybody should check for the presence of these rope lights and for signs of any scorching, even if you have been told in the past, that your 'van is not at risk.

The updated topic is here - Fire Risk.

Dometic Rope Light - Fire Risk

Posted by wasntbtf (Admin) at 16 Apr 2014, 08:05 AM. 0 comments

Dometic Rope Lights - Fire Risk 16 April 2014

The risk of a fire from these lights turned into a reality on Sunday for one of the forum members when the connectors on the Dometic Rope Lights in his 2010 695 VIP started smoking and threatened to set fire to the 'van.

Fortunately he was able to switch off the lights and got away with just some smoke damage and a bit of a scare. One has to wonder what would have happened if the lights had been left on as a night light?

Coincidentally, I removed the Dometic Rope Lights from my 2006 'van on Monday to replace them with LEDs and discovered that the connectors on it showed signs of serious scorching. This is on a 'van that was manufactured in 2006 and Dometic have stated that the problem only concerns Rope Lights manufactured between 2008 and 2010.

Both these incidents have been reported to Dometic & Hobby.

Some forum members had been contacted to have their rope lights checked/repaired/replaced but there hasn't been any updates to the topic yet to say what was actually done and how long it took. Updates for the forum topic would be appreciated and will undoubtedly help other members identify whether they have the faulty lights installed and what steps need to be taken.

If you haven't all ready done so check to see whether your 'van has these rope lights fitted, there are pictures on the topic (link below) to help you identify them.

If the connectors show signs of scorching, take some photos and send them to Dometic & Hobby together with the VIN for your 'van.

Even if they do not show signs of scorching write to Dometic & Hobby with the VIN for your 'van and get them to confirm that the rope lights in your 'van are safe to use and are not effected by this serious fault.

Contact email addresses are on the topic.

In either case do not use the lights until you have had a satisfactory response from Dometic or Hobby.

The updated topic is here - Fire Risk.

Evolution of the forum

Posted by wasntbtf (Admin) at 10 Apr 2014, 06:30 PM. 0 comments

Recent changes

More How-To articles (12v electrics, batteries & chargers) have been added here and yet more will be following.

The forum is now available via (www.)hobbyownersclub.org.uk as well as the previous (www.)hobby-owners-club.co.uk and s4.zetaboards.com/Hobby_Owners_Club

Contact Us and FAQ pages are available from the menu bar. At the top right you can see the number of new replies to topics you have started. If you click on it you will see a list of the replies. It is now possible to share a topic on Facebook. The link is on the bottom left of the last post in a topic.

Sub-forums have been re-organised, rules and descriptions are being added in order to open up the forum and make the information is more accessible.

There is space for the practical, the social and the just plain fun.

Stolen Hobby 560 UL Premium

Posted by wasntbtf (Admin) at 8 Apr 2014, 10:30 AM. 0 comments

More details on the missing 'van Dave (DaveFrance) notified here..

It is a 2012 Hobby Premium (Stig helmet style) 560 UL - twin bed layout.
Posted Image

It was registered in France with its own registration number as is required by law, but no doubt that has been removed or covered. The registration plate showed department 67 Alsace. Inside the two lower kitchen drawers (4 in total) had been removed and replaced by microwave and small 4 drawer cupboard. The door was fitted with Milenco security
hand rail. The wheels have anti theft locking nuts. A motor mover is fitted to the wheels.

It went missing at 3:30pm Sunday from caravan park in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Believed to be towed by a light blue Mitsubishi Shogun and was probably not attached to the ball correctly as the back was said to be very low. The hitch lock was probably in place and a "drop box" or something similar may have been used.

There won't be many if any other Premiums with this layout in the UK.

If anybody has spotted one contact DaveFrance or Lichfield, Staffordshire Police.


70 kph speed limit on Paris Peripherique

Posted by wasntbtf (Admin) at 1 Mar 2014, 04:27 PM. 0 comments

On 10th Jan this year the speed limit on the Paris Peripherique was reduced from 80 kph to 70 kph. An updated version of Driving in France has been posted. This also has more information about essential documents and the mysteries of how French roundabouts should be negotiated and why roundabouts are not the same as rondpoint.

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